Jon Brooks

A friend of my father’s, Jon Brooks is one of the most unique and determined craftsmen of our time. Born in New Hampshire, he earned his bachelors and master in Fine Arts at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York and has taught and lectured at many schools from Maine to North Carolina.

You can see, from his works of art as well as the home he built for himself, that he doesn’t let the standards of our generation hold him back… creating funky, functional pieces and spaces.

Artist’s Statement:
“A lot of what I do is to collaborate with nature by cooperating with chaos. This usually happens when I am walking in the forest foraging or trail making. I come upon them: the bent or wiggly tree forms that are loaded with suggestion. My findings are often the conception of a new piece. Chaos can be regarded as extremely good news.
In the studio the empty spaces of arms, legs, heads, or seats slowly and carefully become filled in with my interpretation and process. I love the carving, shaping, and constructing processes each piece requires as it develops and unfolds. History, allegory, metaphor, function and color are my allies on this creative journey.
I enjoy making furniture and sculpture that you can dance with, that is participatory, playful, and suggestive. Function is often a chosen limitation. For me working with wood is a subtractive process, removing all that is unnecessary. It’s like eating an artichoke, peeling the outer leaves to get to the heart




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